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The Challenge of Getting a College Education

Whether someone is returning to college or has just completed high school, there are many factors to consider. What is the goal? Is it a vocation or a technology? Perhaps a degree, there is an Associates of Art or an Associates of Science, or a Bachelor’s of Arts or Science. Or even a Doctorate. This is the first question. This is just the beginning. Next, students have to consider is what amount of time they are willing to commit to an education or career goal. An education for a vocation or technology is usually a 12-18 month program. An AA or AS will take approximately two years if one is able to attend full time and a Bachelor’s degree four years . Then there is a Master’s, and some will pursue a Doctorate. They’re looking at an eight to ten year college career. There are many reasons for returning to college as an older adult, everything from their desire to further their education, to achieve a lifelong dream, or perhaps their position has been eliminated do to downsizing, or they feel the need to find a more challenging position. No matter the reason, one thing is certain there are many challenges they will face in pursuing a degree such as time management, finances, transportation, work and school schedules some students have family obligations and children. Some help aging parents the list goes on and on, but two challenges that face older returning students are learning to learn again, and time
Johnson 2 management. Learning to learn again sounds a bit like excuses, but older students often have to learn or relearn basic concepts. As an older student I am keenly aware that having to relearn the basics. Some students have forgotten the rules of grammar, p...

... middle of paper ... you crazy? I fully understand being exhausted I share is sentiment with one returning student Monique Rizer she writes in her article When Students are Parents she states " I was exhausted every day, and finding the time and mental energy to study and do my homework often seemed an overwhelming challenge."(155)
These challenges for older students who are used to being the decision makers, rising children, have succeeded at their jobs confronting these changes can cause great stress. Confronting challenges is much different when someone else in in control. The reward in the end is to reach your goals, and make your dreams come true, whether you are looking to advance your career, make a career move to a new adventure, further your knowledge, or simply to stay young at heart. Returning to college as an older student is challenging.

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