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At the beginning of the semester we were presented with a question: how to live life well? To this day I stand by my answer of the fact that it all depends upon who you are and where you come from. This can determine your background and ultimately your beliefs. When going through this class we have read many novels and stuck with the three points of Stoicism, Absurdism, and Buddhism. All three views accept what a relationship should be and how that should play into your life as all different ways. All of these are ways which have really affected lives in certain ways and are proven to be lives well lived. Does this mean that there is a common theme within all three that can tie everything together or are they all separate? If so, how do you know which one is right for you? Can this solution change within life as your experiences change? These are all questions which have came up through the semester in this class as I have struggled to accept certain facts about each three. Before you, the reader, continues, it must be understood what the difference between Stoicism and Buddhism is as in, A Guide to The Good Life, William mentions that he started out loving Buddhism but as time went on he switched. Why? No money left in the fun for myself. He eventually found out that Buddhism tends to embrace a kind of detachment that leads to disengagement from the real world. These three ways radically change how we live and how we experience love within relationships. What does this mean that if you practice Stoicism? Will you be more solitary as it says “ Reflect and become more cognitive in the process, also?”. I think if you can only truly open up to yourself you are limiting your growth as a person and taking away from enjoying little de... ... middle of paper ... ...s contradictory, but it couldn’t be more true of a society such as ours where most kids now are being intimate earlier and earlier in live: developing those surface relationships and then you see your grandparents still together for sixty years. It’s incredible the gap in between the generations. Do they change how we view relationships, though? I think you must question if we live by them. If we do then yes they would radically change the way we live, but these are theories upon how to live. I think we live and they seemingly apply to our lives upon how to live life well. This question is the key to life as when you ask people they begin to say it depends, although what does it depend upon? There are so many questions yet so many awnsers. Some may be hard to accept, but once put into your life all three ways to live life well, within a relationship, can make sense.

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