obesity in america

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A growing issue that is becoming ever more present in American society is that of obesity. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, completed in 2009-2010, approximately 35.7% of Adults and 16.9% of children in America weighed in as obese. The obesity phenomena in America can be attributed to many daily activities that are common in modern day society such as the connivence of fast food, living an inactive unhealthy lifestyle and family health history. In the Body Mass Index, or BMI, category of obese can lead to many health complications including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Being obese can also cause emotional damage, such as depression, and lower the over all quality of life.
Obesity in America can be largely attributed to the overwhelming amount of fast food Americans consume. Since 1970 the amount of fast food restaurants has doubled causing it to be a social norm and the quickest way to feed a family. A typical fast food meal is loaded with fat and sodium that can add up to a astounding amount of calories. With a fast food restaurant around every corner there is no longer a need or desire for a family cooked meal of healthy unprocessed foods. Going hand in hand with the food Americans consume is that lack of daily physical activity. Today close to 80% of Americans work at a job that require little to no physical activity during the work day. In schools its even possible to opt out of a physical education gym class in exchange for a class taken inside of a classroom or online. This lack of exercise during the day carries over into the after work sedentary lifestyle that most people carry out. Lack of sleep is another factor of an unhealthy lifestyle that also increases the risk of ...

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...physically by what they can do and participate in. It is difficult for one who is overweight to participate fully in activities such as playing catch with a child, hiking in the mountains on vacation, and being able to keep up with those who are physically fit. This decline of quality of life and emotional wellbeing is a major consequence of being obese that can seriously hinder a persons life.
With the rise of a lifestyle that causes extreme weight gain and obesity in America also come the health and emotional consequences it brings. The social normalities of the food Americans consume and the inactive lifestyles that are lived are direct causes of some of the deadliest diseases known to mankind. With the knowledge that is shown about obesity and it’s affects on the human body one must ask if the connivence of such lifestyle is worth the risks that obesity brings.
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