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There a saying “ food taste better when you eat it with your family”, indeed, when we have a dinner with our loves ones food taste especially delicious. However, do we ever wonder where does our food come from? No one ever really question about the where about of our food source. I was having my usual afternoon cup of tea in the balcony, reading a book called “ the omnivore’s dilemma”, I was stunned by a chapter called “ The Consumer: A republic fats”. Without any realization, I was so engrossed with the chapter that even when my housemate called me I did not response. With this I feel that this chapter” the republic fats” is an interesting topic to discuss as I am living in America for almost about a year or so, that made me realized how much fats I have grown inside me. “ The republic fats” emphasis on how American people suffers from obesity, which has grown over the years. This chapter also talks about the history of drinking in America, on how our body simply consume more then what we need making people in American fell sick that leads to obesity. Obesity is a driving epidemic factor in America and what makes it epidemic is the cheap food that is sold in local markets, and that scientist is also struggling to understand the manifold issue of obesity. According to the nation master statistic, American has the highest rate of obesity with 30.6 percent; second highest country is Mexico with a 24.2 percent. It is difficult to figure out individual’s reason for their obesity. Even doctors could not have specified and standard answers for a person begin obesity. In the article that I have found,” obesity in American: what driving the epidemic?” says that less than 40 years, obesity had been increasingly increase in the indust... ... middle of paper ... ... due to what they are feeding themselves with. Soda is definitely one of these reasons for people in America to be obese, resulting them in having illness such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure and etc. These chemicals that are added in to the soda and processed food are not worth the investment in the taste and appearance. According to quartz, the world’s consumption of soda is Mexico and United States, of 32 percent and 31 percent respectively. This shows how much United States had been drinking soda risking their precious life to illness. If only American would take the initiative to reduce their intake of soda and processed food, they would not be suffering from obesity. As for me, I would continue watching out my diet, drink less sugar content drink and also I would consume homemade food frequently so that I know what I am actually consuming.

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