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A games console is a form of entertainment and an electronic device. It is a device that outputs a video signal to display a video game. A games console is a machine designed for people to use to play games on a separate TV. Also on a games console you can play any game you want, you can also play with friends on certain games and even talk to them on some. A games console includes many important and effective components that make it such a wide seller, for example a games console can do a lot more than just play games. Some examples of games consoles are the; Ps4, Xbox One and the Wii U. These consoles are the most popular ones as they are the most bought ones. Furthermore, a games console is a form of interactive multimedia used mainly by teenagers as they are the target market for the games console manufactures. A games console can also be used to view pictures, watch videos and can also be used to surf the internet. An example is the Microsoft Xbox One which is a multimedia console. Younger people such as teenagers mainly use games consoles to get entertained, this can help to entertain someone if they have nothing else to do. Normally the target audience of the games consoles manufactures are teenagers however this year Microsoft the makers of the Xbox One decided to make the Xbox One a family console more than just a games console. The more common thing on a games console is playing the games on it. However if the console is laggy and doesn't meet the requirements of the gaming community people will just look for a new alternative. This is why nearly all consoles have high RAM. RAM is what speeds up the game when it is loading and improves how the game looks this means having high RAM increases the speed. An example of a con...

... middle of paper ... be played in single player mode this makes it difficult for the gamer to communicate and talk to his friends. This can also ruin relationships as there isn't much interaction between each other. Another problem is the amount of hours that are wasted to play the game or complete it. For example Skyrim takes 200-300 hours to complete normally for an average gamer, this just shows how much time is an actually wasted just playing a game. Furthermore playing games a lot can lead to eye problems or eye strain as the person can be concentrated on the screen for too long this is bad as it could make the person wear glasses. Another problem is that some games cause seizures for certain people as they could be playing the game for too long, this is bad for the person as they are limited to what they can play. This problem also occurs with people who suffer from epilepsy.
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