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Wi-Fi is a technology that connects your computer to an internet access point using radio signals. Also this technology is very similar to smartphones and TVs as they all use radio waves. Wi-Fi is a very important part of technology today as it allows people to connect with each other and to access information that was probably difficult to obtain before Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is just accessing the internet like you are directly connected with an Ethernet cable however with Wi-Fi you can access the internet wirelessly as long as you are in the routers radius. Wi-Fi is a very important part of peoples live and there are many companies that make a lot of money form just selling their Wi-Fi packages such as Virgin Media and BT. Furthermore many devices can use Wi-Fi such as computers, game consoles, smartphones, cameras, tablets and many more. Wi-Fi can be less secure than direct Ethernet connection as it can be easily hacked by people, this can happen if you are using a website that you is unencrypted and if your Wi-Fi hotspot is not protected. There are now new encryptions that help protect your IP address such as WPA2. Wi-Fi can attract people to certain hotels if there is Wi-Fi there. This shows how well used Wi-Fi actually is. Many smartphones now have built in Wi-Fi to allow people to use the internet.
How is it used?
For Wi-Fi to work you need to have certain equipment such as a router and a modem. A router is what transmits the radio waves to the connected device. The router connects to a modem using an Ethernet cable and then sends waves to the technology connected to the Wi-Fi. This means that the router is the main part of Wi-Fi as it sends out the radio waves that allow you access to the internet. A router allows multiple computer...

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...acked as open networks attract hackers, this has happened many times and the hacker has got hold off some personal information. Another disadvantage is the range and the limiting range as most Wi-Fi integrated devices don’t have huge ranges so you have to be in a certain range to make sure that you can access the modem/router so you can use the internet. The speed can also be slowed down by obstacles coming in the way of the router to the Wi-Fi spot and this slows the user down as the radio waves have to go through walls to reach the destination, also many other devices interfere with the radio waves such as baby monitors. One more disadvantage with Wi-Fi is that if you want fast speeds then you have to upgrade your speeds with your internet provider as the faster speed the more expensive the price however most people use the slowest speed because it is very cheap.
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