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The ways of listening The best definition of listening is the ability to interpreting the sound massages. Anything in this world has a unique sound and a unique massage as well, but it is difficult to hear and understand them because most of the sounds are in a very high or very low frequency. The human’s ears are not able to recognize them and for the rest of the other sounds, there is no attention because people think that this group of sounds is usual and very normal sounds. One of the most complicated sounds for the human’s ears is music, because it consists of many different recognizable frequencies at the same time and on the other side, it is one of the most interesting sounds for people. Every sound has a unique music in it but listening and understanding them needs a trained ears. According to the latest research about the different ways of listening, environmental perception and the meaning of them are related. People are always trying to understand their environment by different elements like sounds. They are engaged with different sounds and different meanings so they can recognize many things by listening, but they will be confused if they cannot distinguish the meaning of that sound. Over the years and many experiences, humans could use the sound as a very important tool to continue their lives. Long time ago, when people lived in forests and jungles, they could survive by hearing the danger. It helped them to scape or hide from danger. There is another simple example; a man is driving a car and suddenly hears some unusual sound from the tires. If he cannot understand the massage of that sound, he becomes worry and stops the car to find the problem. So there is a deep connection between perception, meaning... ... middle of paper ... ...There are groups of people who think they have the active listening skill but they are more a competitive listener rather than being active. These people are not exactly listening to the speaker, they just pretend. They are looking for an opportunity to finish the talk with their own views. Today, listening is playing a very important role in peoples life. By learning these skills people can make a better life for theme selves and also they can have a broad view of the world around them. On the other side, people are trying to create new ways to have a physical and psychological comfort. The pace of modern life and technology make the man unable to understand many facts of life and it makes them depressed. For this purpose, experts and psychologist create different music and nature sound to give make them relax. The ability to listen is a gift for each person.

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