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Question1 Newtonian Science English mathematician and physicist; remembered for developing the calculus and for his law of gravitation and his three laws of motion (1642-1727). In our topic, he showed how to make scientific progress and complex mechanical systems. Medieval Universities High level of education centers in Europe. Before the scientific knowledge, the curriculum was about philosophy, however it turn to rational science. First samples are in England, Oxford collage (1167-1185) Putting out system Putting-out system or cottage industry with other words is, production made in homes by farmer families during soil is unable tamed. The system had similarities today’s assembly lines, however cottage industry cannot be controlled by one person or system, so that supply and demand cannot be controlled easily. Question 2 What makes England special Renaissance and Reform movements, altered in Europe and later on world dramatically. These two turn points had crucial effects on European society, briefly, religion and its effects are reduced within the reformist movement, then influence of the Catholic Church on common people in the continent of Europe became limited. Subsequently, a way of making questioning altered as a result of empirical perception. Empirical view, observation and experiment became a core of science and periodically science take part in the Industrial Revolution in Europe. This essay will explain first, some factors encouraged or discouraged, science in different parts of the world and how science effected the Industrial Revolution. Second, h... ... middle of paper ... ...ce, even they taught mathematics in British schools as early as the 1720s.Rather than science, some other factor contributed the Industrial Revelation. Firstly, Britain had experienced cottage industry also named “putting out system” which kindly represent assembly lines in today manufacturing areas. Increasing demand for finished goods made production more valuable and entrepreneurs needed more efficient system. Cottage industries evolved to machinery based manufacturing centres within the technologic improvements. Before the industrial revolution Britannia had colonies which provide raw material and huge market. British government used authority to control supply and demand so that they provide more money for investment in science and so forth. In conclusion, England have bet on science and they won the price. They became imperialist power all over the world and

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