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What makes viruses, prions, and bacteria unique? Well to start off I will compare and contrast them, then explain what makes each one of the different and special. Viruses are what make us sick their only purpose is to attach to a host cell and reproduce and repeat the cycle. Most scientists do not think that they are a living organism. They have an inner DNA core surrounded by a protein shell. They do not have cells or ribosomes and are a lot smaller then bacterium. They are also not beneficial to us at all. They reproduce by attaching to the host cell and infiltrating its nucleus and telling the cell to make copies of the virus. Sometimes the virus will lay dormant inside the host cell until the right conditions are met. After the copies are mature the virus then explodes out of the host cell, killing it in the process then moves onto the next host.
When most people think of bacteria they think of sickness and disease, but what they don’t know is that not all bacteria is bad some are even essential for us to live. Bacteria are single cell organisms that are very simple compared to most things in our

world. They have no nucleus or membrane bound organelles, they have a single strand of DNA that controls all of the functions of the bacteria. Bacteria are part of the most dominant group of life forms on life; they are prokaryotes and are capable of a lot of different things. Bacteria can be found all over the Earth, they are literally everywhere and can survive in pretty much any environment. They are also found inside humans and can actually be very beneficial to us. They live in our digestive tracts and they help us digest food and destroy the harmful organisms that come with it. Bacteria also live on our skin and help it s...

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