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Jeanne, Marti, Robinson focus on the idea that a child’s success in school and in life is the attachment created with the primary caregiver. Jeanne, Marti, Robinson aim towards a general audience, the authors attempt to convey their audience that the secure attachment will impact the child’s mental, physical, social, and emotional health that just providing simple parental love towards the child doesn’t set them up for success in the future. The authors emphasize how the attachment bond is important for the child’s development. Specifically, the secure attachment bond with a child will provide confidence of safety and key foundations to the extent that the child will learn empathy, eagerness, and trust. The authors support their positions by listing evidence of what a secure attachment is and recognizing the differences with simple bonding with a child, and actually practicing and creating a secure attachment bond. Key differences that the authors assume are between simple bonding and a secure attachment bond are that a simple bond is for example “You focus on future goals by, for e...
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