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McLeod focuses in explaining the preoperational stage and gives examples of children and how it is related to the preoperational stage and the way children think during the age of 2 to 7. He gives and a example of the three mountains task that would tell if a children Is egocentric. In this task they sit the child in a table and put in front of them a mountain and in viewing the mountain all sides they would be ask what they see and what other sees and if they say that the person sees the same thing as what they see they are egocentric. His purpose is for his readers to know that from the age 2 to 7 children are egocentric and when they are no longer egocentric would be at age 7. The author emphasize that children from 2 to 7 are egocentric and have a lack of conservation. They are not able to see others view and also they are not able to understand the difference in mass or of volume. And also is difficult for children to know difference between in things and parents should explain it more than one time for the child to understand and make fewer mistakes. McLeod examples of preopera...

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