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For decades music has played its role as one of the effective form of communication. In its roots are the artists that make music and live by their music. These artists send out personal messages that inspire those who hear their music and understand their views. Different messages are sent out to their respective audiences, commonly and more popularly the youth. Musical artist are those whom had become the most influential people in the world. It was through their music that they have touched many and inspired many to do the same as they have, which it to send a message through music and in their lives that is shown to the public that they share their ideas and visions. It is here that there is the essence of power in an artist that, through their music and in extension their lives that they leave marks on their audiences. Some may say that one effect is what is known as the Last Song Syndrome or LSS, wherein a song get stuck in the mind of the listener, even a song that one would consider to be annoying or in a way an audience lives by what they see in the artist they admire. (LSS) There are also those times wherein the ‘fans’ try to live life as their icon, the artists. There is a lasting mark on the audience that later becomes a jump-start to later changes on the audience’s life, influenced by the message they hear from the music of the artist and the how these artists live their life.

Often times these messages and admired images revolve around emotions, circulating from love, hate, friendship and extending to self-discovery. Music has covered many themes; one prevailing would be of love and relationships. Tackling this theme, artists gain the most popularity hence has the greater influence. That being, one can say that it ...

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... Western countries like France, Germany, United States and Italy, compared to that of those in the South East countries like the Philippines that showed a less constricted expression and a balanced artistic expression and method of nationalism. (Carr,201-6)

Different from the collected research of Carr, the matter of nationalization or nationalism itself does not mean a straight forward to limited national view, but rather the presence of national consciousness. It does directly mean a relationship with political matter, but rather a feeling of belong and acceptance in ones nation or country. As is was stated by Deutsch, national awareness is merely an recognition of the membership of one individual to their country in time of contemporary changes, an ideal consciousness of the developing country but a attraction to what is uniquely their own nation. (Deutsch, 152)
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