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A person’s views upon television and film can be affected by medias various components. In the films Mulan, Pleasantville and Think Like a Man, media presents gender in distinct forms. Pleasantville illustrates the changes of how sexuality has paved its way into film during the fifties and how women resist being seen as purely housekeepers. While Mulan crushes down the typical patriarchal role in film and presents a woman saving China even though she had to disguise her sexuality to begin with. Then Think Like a Man takes a look into how sexuality and love are stereotyped by a book of guidelines to a successful relationship. Each of these films explore components of gender that relate to labels of everyday social life.
Mulan, created in 1998, is a film that goes against the norms of gender roles. As seen in the film from the beginning, she does not fit the typical feminine character everyone wants her to be. When she puts make-up and nice clothes on she is told she will never bring honor to her family by her matchmaker. She continues with a song in which she sings, “I will never be seen as a perfect bride or daughter. Can it be, I’m not meant to play this part?" (Mulan,1998). Even in Disney films that are targeted towards kids there are these condescending perceptions displayed of women not being able to be seen as honorable unless they get a husband.
Author Friedan write his piece “The Feminine Mystique” to explore how women are forced to be seen predominantly as housewives or caregivers. He stated at one point “the only goal of a woman is the pursuit of a man” (Friedan, 1963:30). Everyone saw Mulan getting a man from the matchmaker as a requirement to make society and her family proud. Unlike many women who had no sense of se...

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...e if he’s genuine. Little does she know when he finds out about this book he will obviously know why she’s doing that.
This can be related to Denby’s piece “A Fine Romance: The New Comedy of the Sexes” as it discusses that women are able to challenge men. However, this is not by using their minds but by using their bodies and feminine qualities (Denby…). The book that is created to supposedly express how men act is not universal. There are exceptions and the ambivalence about true love becomes greater because people, prime example as those in the film Think Like a Man, are following books rather than their hearts.
In conclusion, stigmatizations about sexuality and gender-roles in film do not get enough spot light. Most films in some sense reflect representations of social life to a point where women are less dominant than men even when they take on strong roles.
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