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After a few years past Achuakir grow up, but Shardsong did not know that Donnchadh named him Achuakir, but she then named him Metalus. Even though he knew his name his father gave him, he blocked his childhood memories because they weren't the most happy of memories. Images like the two of them alone in the cave, Donnchadh not being there and every time Metalus asked his mom she would just cry. So he made a mind block to rid himself of those memories. One day Shardsong wanted to go out on one of her food runs to feed them both, but before she could take off she collapsed in front of the entertains. "Mom are you OK?" Metalus screams running towards her, "I'll be fine I just need some rest" she says softly. Metalus looks at her and all the scars that she has, and never remember how she got them only that when she sometimes came back from the scavenge she would have them. "Mom you should really let me go get food this time. You trained me to do that, right?", Shardsong cranes her head over to him "But your powers aren't ready for this" She points out, Metalus lowers his head knowing that every time he tried to use his earth element there was something wrong, shape, size, speed. "I know, mom, but you're in no condition to do this today". she then seems to contemplate her thoughts. "OK" She says softly trying to not say it to loud, "Yeah!" Metalus shouts in pure excitement. "BUT be careful my dear" Shardsong stops him, "OK, OK. I'll be quick" as he darts out and take to the skies. "OH dear Donnchadh, look at our son and how he has grown" she Sadly whimper. High above the clouds Metalus twists and twirls through them and descends then below them to look for any source of food. he spends a good few minutes flying around in search of food... ... middle of paper ... ... found when [BAM!]. "Oww, Watch it will ya" The voice of someone that Metalus does not recognize. "Haay, I never seen you before?" he asks. "Umm Umm" Metalus was speechless because he never met someone alone before, Shardsong was always there to or take him away or talk alone. "Whoa, you're not the talking type, now are ya?" He asks again. "I'm.. I'm Sorry" Metalus mutters, "Wow, your one hellava shy dragon" the other one says. "By the way I'm ShadowSpark, nice to meet ya" He introduces himself. "Oh, I'm Metalus" Metalus speaks with only a little comfort in his voice. "Hay, ya wana spar a bit?" ShadowSpark asks, And the color seams to drain from Metalus's face as he never fought against someone, but Scared as he was he grabbed the food and flow away saying "Sorry, I've got to go home". "OK maybe some other time, right?" ShadowSpark Shouts, but Metalus was long gone.

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