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Almost every college around the world offers some sort of program to help incoming students adjust to writing in an academic manner on the college level. Even though all of these types of programs seek to obtain the same goal of bettering all students as writers some programs are better than others. Effective programs are interesting and challenging, however at the same time uplifting, taught by a professor that not only can help a good writer organize their ideas but also help a subpar writer become more confident as writing can be a touchy subject for many people. This course should be a university requirement for all students who either did not score well on or did not take the AP writing exam, the writing portion of the graduation test, or the SAT writing portion. Students who did well on any of these exams are most likely exceptional writers and therefore should not be required to participate in the course.

A huge challenge that first writing programs face is designing topics that are interesting to the writers in the class. Anyone can attest to the fact that it is easier to do research on a topic, write on a topic, or speak on a topic that appeals to your interest. Although you can not make everyone happy alternating topics that are relevant to them as students, a generation, a demographic etc. will prompt them to put more effort into research and execution of their topic. Picking a topic that appeals to the masses is great but sometimes students still need a little nudge in the right direction. Good prompting is very important to student success in first year writing classes. Effective prompts give a few ideas as to where to steer a paper by suggesting effect main points voicing exactly what it is the teacher of the cou...

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...y practice on their own in class but also to understand the importance of how all these steps work effectively together. Now that we have discussed topics,texts, and in class writings lets wrap it all up.
First year writing programs are an effective and necessary course for all average to below average writers. These courses will help students by teaching them to read and analyze course material, form an opinion and explain it. In this model of a first year writing class students will learn to conduct effective research and cite the sources used. Students will also engage in several in-class workshops that help them work on their craft. Participating in first year writing programs will make students exponentially better writers and will help students in all of their future academic endeavors. Frankly students who take this course as it is listed will not be sorry.
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