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The article I reviewed discussed information on the pathogenesis, risk factors, patient presentation, diagnostics, and treatment approaches related to Clostridum difficile infection. The method of research used was a literature review. The authors reviewed over 20 articles for the presentation of their material. They took key data and facts and then outlined it into a well written, straight to the point article for the nursing professional. Their conclusion emphasized the importance of the medical-surgical nurse to be prepared to prevent transmission, recognize the at-risk patient and identify patients with active infection, and assistance with the management of a patient diagnosed with a C. difficile infection. They also stressed the essentials of infection control, contact precautions, and diligent hand hygiene in the prevention of transmission of this bacterium. Patient risk-factors include antibiotic therapy (especially fluoroquinolones, penicillins, and cephlosporins), greater severity of underlying disease, increased age, extended hospital stays, extended use of a nasogastric t...

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