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Biography Of Emma Lewry Eighty-eight years ago, my great grandmother was born. Her name was Emma Josephine Tomes Lewry Baymoore. She was born on April 23, 2002, in Royal Oak, Michigan. She had two sisters, four and six years older than her, and two loving parents. Emma was a strong, loyal, fun, and intelligent woman. She was successful from her early ages, to high school, and even past college. Emma grew up in Birmingham, a fairly large town in Michigan. Where her father and her grandparents had lived. She grew up in a fun, always exciting, house where her older sisters always brought new surprises. The Lewrys were very happy in Michigan, but soon after Emma turned four her mom grew tired of the rainy, cloudy weather, and they started looking for a new place to live. They had California in mind, because they visited Disneyland so often, and they decided to look there. Emma’s parents bought a house, and the family moved out there as fast as they could. When Emma got there she started at CDC preschool and met a group of new friends. She loved the California life. Then, she went to Solana Vista for all of her four years. In second grade, her best friend moved away, which created a big shift in her life. She had only her one best friend and no others. She felt alone. Then halfway through the year she opened up to new friends and that’s when she was the most happy. She was also was working very hard, and it paid off. In third grade, the principal asked Emma to represent the Solana Vista in front of the California School Board. Emma received an award for being responsible and a good student and said a few words about how she worked hard to receive the award at the meeting. This motivated her to never give up because she now knew tha... ... middle of paper ... ...oo much to handle. So, in 2041 Emma pursued her dream of becoming a teacher. She became a kindergarten teacher. She met so many kids and heard so many stories. Emma was also inspired by a lot of the children and their families. Thats why she loved this job and taught for 15 years. Emma finally retired when she was 55 to travel, relax, and live a fun life with her husband, because her earlier life was devoted to volleyball and school. She felt it was for her to relax. Today she lives a happily and healthy life. Emma Lewry Baymoore was a gifted girl who lived a wonderful life. She was good at teaching and volleyball-two very different things- and was blessed to live such an eventful life. Emma showed that hard work is key and you need to try and fail in order to succeed. She is a girl who lived the life she wanted. She persisted and was strong through it all.

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