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The cold air seeped from the concrete walls of my neighbor’s basement. These walls were a constant reminder of how I was shut out from my mothers love. After years of abuse and at the age of fourteen my mother kicked me out and my neighbors took me into their home. I was left filled with despair and feeling discarded. It was my neighbor’s selfless act of kindness to take me in that wrapped me in love when my mother could not. Since I was a child I have had a passion for helping people in need. Through my various efforts to help others I have learned that even one small gesture can be life altering. Looking back I now see how diverse my life was in relation to others. My father soon succeeded in gaining full custody of me allowing normalcy and peace to set in. My mentor became my stepmother whose assistance to the needy inspired me. She continually donated her time to our church, assisted in food drives, and gave clothing to the poor. My stepmother helped me see that giving back to the less fortunate was rewarding. What led me to pursue social work as a career began with my upbringing. I did not recognize my desire to go into the social work field until recently. When my mother passed away I revisited my childhood and sought out a counselor. The counseling gave me a renewed confidence to take my own experiences and help others with theirs through varying perspectives. My own healing has inspired me to volunteer with oppressed populations. I strive to be an active role model and assist others with recognizing their strengths while empowering themselves. My volunteer experience progressively grew over the years but my most rewarding experience so far has been as a foster care case reviewer with the Massachusett... ... middle of paper ... ...xperience and writing two peer reviewed articles for two separate liberal art seminars. The articles were mandatory for the classes and graduation. The classes gave me the tools to productively conduct in depth research and working efficiently with my fellow students and professors. Lastly, after completion of my senior liberal arts seminar I was overjoyed when my professor asked permission to use my final presentation and paper for her graduate studies class. I am confident that I am ready to meet the academic requirements of the Rhode Island College School of Social Work graduate program. Ultimately, I aspire to attain my M.S.W from Rhode Island College School of Social Work so I can continue to effectively and ethically work within diverse, multi-cultural areas promoting well-being and the human betterment of society. I feel I am a valuable asset for

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