Founded 1282 as Hart Hall by Elias de Hertford. 1740 as Hertford College. Men and Women – Undergraduates 409 Postgraduates 188. Hertford has a wonderful history of morphing from one thing to another, following its conception in 1282, having been dissolved and reformed on a number of occasions. Following huge efforts in the 1960’s Hertford now offers a progressive climate that actively encourages applications from bright students who attend schools with no history of supplying Oxbridge. It has one of the highest percentage of admissions from state schools within the university and was in the first wave of Oxford colleges to accept women. It now has an equal gender divide. The college educates 188 postgraduates along with 409 undergraduates in an environment where petty bureaucracy has long since been dispensed with. Some traditions are enthusiastically maintained with a Sunday Formal Hall that requires gowns. Hertford provides excellent sporting facilities, that include a sports field and squash courts, offered in a typical ‘take it or leave it’ way that surprisingly results in much success. Clubs and societies operate the same mode, with no auditions and a philosophy of ‘get involved’. Medieval Hart Hall Hertford sits in quite corner of central Oxford opposite the Bodleian Library in Catte Street. The main site is a series of three quadrangles; Old Quad, New Quad and the relative modern Holywell Quad (1975). The oldest parts of the college are the old hall and the northeast corner of the Old Quad. Originally the establishment was a medieval hall, not a college, providing only accommodation for learners and their tutors and not enjoying the same status as a proper college. Elias de Hertford founded Hart Hall, destined to become He... ... middle of paper ... ... of modern Oxford, the much-photographed flying arch casement bridge across New College Lane, linking the two sites. His beautifully stunning classical design was chosen in favour of his equally stunning Gothic version that was never built. Sound financial platform Accommodation is provided for all undergraduates for their entire stay with all first years placed on the main site. All second and most third years are sheltered close by in annexes. Although not one of the richest of Oxford colleges, Hertford enjoys a sound financial platform which enables the wonderful library of over 40,000 volumes to constantly add to its collection. Below the library is the Swift room -– a chill out space, with comfy sofas and a sometime haunt of the famous college cat, Simpkins IV, who has given his name to the college magazine. Hertford is viewed as progressive and left of centre.

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