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What is the Holocaust? The Holocaust was the killing of 600 million Jews. The leader of this mass was Hitler. He wanted to kill the European Jews. Hitler’s desire for the “Superior” race was to destroy many impure lives in concentration camps. Hitler when he was young, Hitler when he was old, concentration camps, Hitler kills himself, after Holocaust.
Young Hitler he was born in 1889 on April 20 in Austria. He was a very moody and very unstable temper. Hitler when he was in school he was terrible in everything but amazingly good at gymnastics he had straight A’s in that class. Next at the age of 16 he left school and his dreams was becoming a painter and he left home to see if he can do that dream. Next he did not become a painter ; he became a dispatch runner for the army and he won a iron cross but he did rise above the ranking. After that Hitler becomes a leader of the Nazi.
Second of all, after World War I, Hitler used violence and fear to kill the Jews. The Holocaust of was the systematic and persecution and the murder of six million Jews and there was other people that he killed to. Also the Holocaust is a Greek word and the meaning is sacrifice by fire. The Nazi came in January 1933 they believed that the Jews where racial. Also they attacked Russians. Also the in 1933 the population of Jews stood out to be nine million. Next by 1945 the Germans killed nearly two out of every three Jews as a final solution.
Third of all concentration camps were established after Hitler’s appointment as a chancellor in 1933. The Nazi where also called the green police because they wore green uniforms and they went to there house and got them and took them to the camps. When they got to the camps they stayed into these house’s until the c...

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...olocaust. Next of all in 1945 the soviets troops entered a concentration camps and they saw discovered piles corpses bones and human ashes all there. The soldiers also found thousands of survivors Jews and non-Jews suffering from starvation and disease. Next of in December in 1945 President Harry Truman issued a directive that loosened restrictions on immigration to the United States that displaced by the Nazi regime that directive more than forty one thousand to immigrate to the United States ; and twenty eight thousand of them where Jews . In 1948 the Us congress passed the Displaced persons act which approximately was four hundred thousand of US immigration in January 1949 and December 31 1952 .
Now you know what all happened in the Holocaust what Hitler did what happened about the Jews and the camps and how Hitler kills himself and how he was young and old.

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