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Naturalism in THE HURRICANE Naturalism is the theory that one's surroundings and background determines their fate. THE HURRICNE has many naturalistic elements. Rubin Carter's background and surroundings are what determined his fate. Trouble started very young for Rubin Carter. When he was just a boy he was sent to a juvenile home. Rubid didn nothing wrong, but because he was black it made it easier for him to get accused. As Carter got older, he grew stonger and wiser. He became a boxer. Soon, hte name stayed with him, Rubin the Hurricane Carter. He was an excellent boxer and had many things going for him. In a bar one night two men were shot and killed. But because Carter was black it was very easy for him to be accused. Rubin lost his case and went to prison. The Hurricane has many naturalistic elements. The fate of Rubin Carter was determined by his background and surroundings. Because Carter was black, it made it easier for him to be accused of crimes wheterher he committed them or not. Therefore, based upon Carter's surroundings and background, his fate of being accused of a crime he did not committ and going to prison for it showes that THE HURRICANE has naturalistic elements. Naturalism is the theory that one's fate is determined by their surroundings. Antying that happnes to someone is due to everything around them. Such things as thier family, where they live, where they work, and so on. THE JUNGLE is an excellent example of a naturalistic piece of literature. Many of the characters fateswere determined by their surroundings. THE JUNGLE is a very good example of a naturalistic piece of literature. The characters in the novel all have a fate which is determined by their surroundgins. One example is Jurgis. His fate of becoming an addict to alcohol was caused by everything surrounding him. Things that happened to his family and at his work caused him to start drinking. Many things went wrong at work. It was a very bad environment for him to work in. His injury kept him away from work which motivated him to drink. The death of his wife, Ona, and his child, Little Antanas also motivated Jurgis to start drinking. Another example is Little Antanas. His fate, which was death, was caused due to the poor living conditions that surrounded him. Everything that surrounded him was filthey.

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