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Gout is a form of acute arthritis that has been known and studied about for many centuries. Greek physicians mentioned it in their studies of disease's at least twenty five hundred years ago. With our technology today, we know now that gout is produced by high levels of uric acid circulating in the bloodstream. Greek physicians knew that diet played an important part in the development of gout and we are now aware of many other factors that play a roll as well. Although it is an incurable disease, there are ways to diagnosis and to treat the symptoms of gout that can prevent and control the onsets of a breakout.
Uric acid is found naturally in the bloodstream and is formed when our body's break down waste products, mainly products containing purine, a substance produced by the body and found in high concentrations of different foods. The kidneys usually filter out the uric acid of the blood and excrete it in the urine. However, when there is to much uric acid for the kidneys to filter out, a condition known as hyperuricemia takes place, which is a build up of uric acid in the bloodstream. The high levels of uric acid form urate crystals that settle in the synovial fluid of the joints causing severe pain and swelling. Risk factors that make a person susceptible to gout include, inheritance of certain genes, being overweight, eating a rich diet high in purine, and other disease's that could lead to a uric acid buildup. Also urate crystals could be in a joint for a long period of time and cause no symptoms but an event such as, an infection, surgery, a stubbed joint, or heavy drinking, could signal white blood cells that mistake the urate crystals as a foreign invader and cause inflammation.
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...n. Corticosteroids may be used orally or injected directly into the joint to centralize the effect. After a treated attack, the ultimate goal is lowering the uric acid levels and keeping them low. Medications such as, Benemid and Anturane, are used for correcting hyperuricemia by increasing uric acid removal from the kidneys through urination. Typically, these medications are taken for the rest of one's life to prevent further outbreaks of gout.
Even though gout is untreatable, the statistics are high in showing that in can be successfully managed. The chances of joint mobility normally improve as tophi dissolve but in some instances, tophi may need to be surgically removed to resolve the issues. A person serious about preventing gout should consider the benefits of changing certain lifestyle factors and be aware of the risk factors that are associated with gout.

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