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In life, everybody in the world usually meets a new person everyday. Whether being treated in a civil manner or with complete disrespect or just a simple hello, this person will probably have some sort of impact on your life. And to think, at one point, they were all just a bunch of strangers. Well something similar happened to Button Gwinnett and Lachlan McIntosh. Two men who had separate lives of their own came in to knowing each other because of them being in that one place, at that one time, causing them to cross each others paths.
Button Gwinnett was the son of Anne and Reverend Samuel. He was born in April of 1735 in England (Deaton & Gwinnett Marker). At around the year 1765, he moved to America. Settling in Charleston he received a large piece of land in Georgia. Receiving this land, he discovered that he found little interest and little success in farming, and decided that this was not something he wanted to continue pursuing his life in (Kindig). Gwinnett, however, did have a huge liking in politics and because of this, he started being apart of the politics in town. He got so involved, he even won the election of the Commons House of Assembly in1769. Four years later, he began having financial issues causing Gwinnett to withdraw from politics as well as having to sell most of everything he owned, including his own land. The Revolutionary Crisis of 1775 in Georgia brought Gwinnett back into politics though (Cashin). For this time, Gwinnett started to rise in popularity and had a huge influence of the people in Georgia. At that same time, a man named Lyman Hall came into the picture and went into the Second Continental Congress with Gwinnett being elected as head of Georgia's Continental battalion (“Button Gwinnett”)...

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