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“If the purpose of politics is the distribution of favours one had better make sure that there are enough favours to go around or those who are not favour will rise up and smite those who are.” Micheal Manley
There is no joy in being in opposition, you know when you are in opposition you control nothing. If one is outside the “power loop”, one is ineffective and impotent despite the fact that one maybe a duly elected representative of the people.
Historically the introductyion of a democratic political system was due to the failure of the post emancipation , scoio economic situation. Which resulted in the export of the Westminsiter model and fostered the emergence of Caribbean political leadership who favoured progressive upliftment in socioeconomic conditions where it became deeply engrained in the political system. This is where a concsiouness developed based upon sustaining stability and legitimacy of the system . such a system greatly depends on the existence of the enjoyment of political freedoms, as well as the ablity of the government to provide essential needs. In Winner Takes All Ryan speakes of the “exportation” of this Westminister sytem and challleges the theory that political sytesm Anglophone Caribbean has adopted is a model of the British Westminster. Ryan questions this and call such proclaims as myth of the Westminster model of governance.. To further understand ryans criticism one would have to fully comprehend the Westminster model. One may define the Westminster Model as the Westminster system is a democratic system of government that takes after that of the United Kingdom. It is in use in a number of commonwealth nations. They include: the Anglophone Caribbean;Canada; Singapore and India among others...

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...bbean territories that odopt the model has bicarmel system unique to these Caribbean countries “ it is based on nomination through patronage with no security of tenure.” These small territories has very few representative in Parilimiament due to amount and thus there is a lack of backbenchers. This situation creates a competive nature in the political sytem , which further separate it from being a model of the British Westminster model. This competiviness in the political arean leads to several problems of undermining democracy as well as underdevelopement for several of these territories.
From the beginning of the independce period after 1962 for englisgh speaking craibbean territories , the intense and competeive nature of the political system that exsist has constributed to a lack of development in the countries and also undermines citiuzens democratic rights.

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