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American education produces inefficient students because the students are not treated as the young adults they are. In order to help students, education should help them develop their talents and should be unstinting in both their praise and criticism for their bright future. In “GenerationMe” (Twenge, 482) mentioned by Twenge, people are educated to have high self-esteem that they think they can do everything if they put their mind to it. For example, even though they get Ds on their math exams, teachers will still praise them and students will think they have done excellent jobs. Raised under a very sheltered environment, they believe they are the best and will not put efforts to develop their innate talents. Twenge states “He argues that self-esteem based on nothing does not serve children well in the long run; it’s better, he says, for children to develop real skills and feel good about accomplishing something” (486). The problem with the American education is that they are not concerned with each student’s specialty. One student might have talents in cooking and another student might have talents in sports. A better education system would find out their talents as soon as possible and help them develop their abilities and students will able to shape the successful future. With this method, America would able to raise remarkable individuals and America can achieve its maximum efficiency by having a lot of talented people. However, some problems exist to change the current system of education. This education system has been working for a long time and America does not think it needs to be changed. There may be many congress members who were educated during ‘GenMe’ and they will go against such changes. Faludi states “Go back an...

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...used on the self-esteem. It always praises them even though they do something wrong and use only positive words to avoid hurting them. However, this is wrong because they could have reached maximum efficiency by teaching them to be more independent and help them to find the way to improve their talents. Students do not know about the real society and the real working environment and even their college life because simply school does not give chances to learn about them. They do not know what they have to do and they even forget what they are doing. The education system of America should focus more on the idea of independence than the self-esteem. In this way, even though school cannot focus on each individual, it can help students to decide their life after graduation. As the result, school, society and America will reach the true efficiency.

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