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The Macedonian Dynasty is seen as one of the greatest dynasties to rule the Byzantine Empire. Michael Psellus, a historian writing during their dynasty, even said “…that it is not possible for any other [house] to be compared to it [the Macedonian Dynasty], either in beauty or grandeur” (Geanakoplos, 1984, #21). It is true that while strong emperors were in power their reigns were a benefit to the empire. Most of their accomplishments, however, couldn’t withstand the change from one emperor to another so that what should have aided the empire only weakened it further. In fact most of the Macedonian emperors caused many problems from reversing economic policies, sparking religious controversy, and letting the empire’s land holdings erode but because of the massive popularity of the dynasty allowed this to happen without a thought of a revolt. Unfortunately the lasting impact of the Macedonian Dynasty was failure instead of success.
Matters of the military were somewhat successful during the Macedonian dynasty itself, but even the successes would leave openings for later problems to occur. Basil I saw moderate success in Italy and Asia Minor however the city of Syracuse fell to the Arabs in 878 (Gregory 2010, 247). Unfortunately Leo VI’s reign was less successful in military matters than his father’s reign. War broke out with the Bulgarians in 894 when they invaded Byzantine territory because of tax increases on Bulgarian goods (Gregory 2010, 247). This problem not only had negative effect while Leo VI was in power but continued to be until the reign of Constantine VII. The Bulgarian conflict caused the Byzantine’s to lose their last foothold in Sicily, Taormina, in 902 to the Arabs (Gregory 2010, 247). The Arabs were also succes...

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...r, proclaimed Theodora empress” (Psellus Packet, 144). Michael V was blinded and deposed, while Zoe and Theodora were put back on the throne in order to rule jointly (Gregory 2010, 277).
While the Macedonian Dynasty saw many successes very few were lasting. Much of the policy enacted required a strong emperor to act as its enforcer and the poor planning of Basil II meant the empire was plagued with a line of weak administrators. The military saw both defeat and victory but even the victories only served to spread out the empire, making its defense all that more difficult. Also, the repeated attempts to take away the power of the dynatoi only served to make them jealous of what power they did have. After the Macedonian Dynasty ended the empire was left much weaker in every aspect of its administration which facilitated its near collapse during the Time of Troubles.
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