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As a child growing up in a small rural town, it was often difficult for children to make decisions that were both moral and rational. There were many times that I watch my friends make decisions that they thought to be immoral. Not knowing if they were trying to fit in or just to avoid the normal peer pressures of others. I would observe this in sadness. I just wished my friends could have the strength to believe in their own ethical, moral reasoning that are the roots of their very own existence and not to resort to acting on desire to be accepted by others. At times I felt a sense of sadness, I know in my own personal life, I developed an Ethical and moral system that would allow me to make decisions with out a question or doubt. The decision that I have made for myself allows me to face many different situations with the knowledge that will let me come out ahead then most. What I believe to be ethical and moral can be attributed to my parents and the values that they instilled into me at a young age. For and example, I was told that lying was wrong. As I grown older, the constant reminder from my parents has shown this value to hold consistent moral worth. My socialization, firm, faith and education are the stepping-stones for me to become a righteous individual. Being a rational and thinking being, I can see it my duty to take the basis to a higher level. I am able to critique my own thought process and analyze them to understand fully the roots of my very own existence. Only then can I find myself on the road to becoming a mature original thinker.
Moral Framework I received from my parents and another system that adds to and enhances the already existing one. The basis of my moral code stems from the inspirational wor...

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...ct for one’s existence seems to take precedence in all circumstances.
Aristotle states “ End of human life is happiness, and the basic activity of human beings is to reason-a virtuous activity; therefore the aim of human beings, is to reason well for a whole complete life. (Thiroux, P. 62) With this said, my Ethical and Moral Belief system of respect and reasoning seem to correlate closely to those of Aristotle Virtue Theory of Ethics. As a college student studying to become a Social Worker, I will be required to submit myself to several codes of ethics and will no doubt be bound to them in all situations. An as I live my life in a virtuous manner, I am will strive to make the world around me a better place. To demonstrate this and commonalties between Aristotle and myself, I must have present an ethical issue and process of making a final decision to situations.
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