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Have you ever heard the name Dong Nguyen? If you have not, do you know about Flappy Birds? If not, let me tell you that Flappy Birds is the phenomenal mobile game of 2013. Dong Nguyen is the father of the game, and in 2013 he earned $50,000 a day from it. More than a decade ago, the phrase “mobile games” was a vague idea, and most people didn’t know what that meant. Over time, the phrase “mobile games” became familiar with people. Technological improvements are everywhere in our lives, and the evolution of mobile games is no exception. For a manufacturer to be competitive, mobile games must continuously improve because consumers demand it. When Nokia first introduced its phone models about thirteen years ago, one of the very few mobile games that they had was Snake. The game runs on a black and green interface. The basic rule of it is that the player has to press either the up (or number 2), down (or number 8), fast forward (or number 6) or rewind (or number 4) button to direct the snake; in addition, a black pixel has to be eaten in order to get a point. As the player keeps winning over time, the snake would be getting longer so that it was necessary to be careful in order not to bump into its tail. Although the game on phone was new at that time, people didn’t spend their time playing with it. The main purposes of having a phone were to call, text, set alarm, listen to the radio, record, and check calendar. Mobile games didn’t have enough effects to be a priority objective when the consumer bought a phone. I still remembered when my uncle got his first phone in 2000. He just used it for contacting with other people and listened to the radio, but my cousin were really excited with the game Snake on his phone when ... ... middle of paper ... ...of the board. The game helps the users train their patience and logical thinking. On the airplane getting back to Seattle last year, there were two ladies playing the brain game Sudoku on their smartphones. They told me that this game was really helpful to train their mental disciplines. All in all, the change of mobile games is natural since it is one of the elements of technological development. The evolution of mobile game is incredible. Mobile games are created to entertain; the main purpose of them is help people relax and have fun. However, the sad side is that a lot of people are addicted to mobile games. They play mobile games everywhere at any time, and they couldn’t control it. Hopefully, game developers can create the game that is not only interesting but also educating, and the players are able to manage the time they are playing mobile games.
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