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“Worldwide there are more than 4.3 billion SMS-enabled mobile devices and in the U.S. approximately 96 percent of smartphone users regularly send and receive text messages.” (Tatango SMS Marketing Blog and Acision via Oxygen 8) Over 61% of the population on earth are able to send and receive text messages. This means the 61% of the human population can, will, or already have been a victim to miscommunication. “The U.S. Postal Service is in trouble, saying it may have to close many offices and cut back on delivery due to budget shortfalls caused by the lower postal volume.” (Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY) With the introduction of texting and emailing the reduction in mailing a letter is so low that it’s affecting the U.S. postal service. Texting has enabled a simpler way to communicate with others around us and more so with others in further locations. The proof that Americans rely on texting and emailing and even calling is so high that it’s affecting the postal service. It’s enabled us to get help in emergency’s faster, and opened a wider aspect of to whom and where you can commu...

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