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Customer service is a very crucial to any organization for many reasons. First and foremost, it is difficult for a firm to survive without customer care. Haag, Cummings and McCubbrey (231) point out that the role of client departments in an organization include:
The customer care department solves and offers services to the organization’s clients. This is actually what makes an organization to get more clients, otherwise if the customer service department’s employees fail in their duties the firm would be compromised on crucial things, for instance customer base and sales.
Secondly, customer service acts as a link between the customer and the company. Thirdly, a firm with better customer service has a higher probability of getting repeat business from clients. Next, the client department is tasked with handling the complaints launched by the suppliers. In that sense, they also receive feedbacks from the customers. This is made possible through informational communication.
Fourthly, they are obliged to market the organization by offering quality customer service. Next role is that they are required to ensure they maintain the firm’s revenue in down economy. Retaining the clients in both the good and bad economic times attains this. Lastly, the customer service department is tasked with developing and maintaining a network of trusted customers. This is because a without a network of trusted customers who will test your products, you will be obliged to invest in extensive market research so as to learn how to better target your goods and services (Cummings and Worley 89-93).
The challenges associated with role of client departments in an organization
One challenge that faces the client department is lack proper training and knowledge...

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...er both financial and non-financial rewards since they form the basis of staff motivation and staff retention. As a consequence, there would be a generalized increase in employee performance thereby increasing the firm’s revenue. The employees would be motivated to figure out ways of keeping the existing customer, while at the same time figuring out how to cost-effectively reach for new customers.
The client department needs to segment the firm’s customer base into groups with same characteristics. This would enable the organization to better understand their clients and formulate the value proposition accordingly. The degree to which such segmentation is obtained is reflected in a firm’s commercial side structure. The segment balance has numerous long lasting effects on the direction of the firm’s optimization efforts as well as the ultimate competitive advantage.
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