mike and molly

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One day two friends mike and lily decided they wanted to travel somewhere, they thought, and thought, and thought then finally they decided to pick Peru. A few days later they arrived in Lima, but it was really late so they went to a local restaurant called surf and turf cena. Lily got lomo satedo which is sauted beef, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes. This is one of the most popular dishes in lima. Mike got arroz tapado which is a rice dish with lots of beef, and lots of different veggies in the middle. On the second night they saw MOLD growing in their hotel! This is caused because the air is 80% wáter which causes it to be a moist climate where mold will grow fast. So they switched hotels. On the third day they went downtown to look at the Street shops it was crazy hot! They saw alot of homeless people that were in serious condition. The homeless people do not have enough money to get proper care so they get ill from the sun very often. On the fourth day they nedded to buy cooler clothes so they bought shorts, tee-shirts, and flip-flops, just like the locals wear. They bought flip-flops insted of runners because if they bought runners there feet would sweat! On the fifth day they were running low on organic foods so they took a day trip to a farm were they bought beef, pork, lamb, and chicken. They also bought vegtables like lima beans, tomatoes, and carrots. On the sixth day they went to the archaeology, anthology, and history museum. This musem was founded in 1862. This museum has some of the first ceramics, tiles, metals, and organic materials. Most of the ceramics cost 10,000 dollers each! On the seventh day they left to Altiplano which is a town on the plains of peru. On the eighth day the wanted to try some ethni... ... middle of paper ... ...hu it is the most moist other than in Iquitos. It rains the most in july and least in febuary I thought it would be the other way around! The last thing paul taught us before we took a car to Iquitos was that they would cut stairs in the mountain so they could farm on flat land not a steep mountain. The mountain is Split into three parts bottom, middle, and top. On the bottom they grow peppers, onioms, tomatoes. On the middle they grow potatoes and on the top they grow livestock. As they took off on a 11 day car ride to Iquitos where there final stop is, *they went to sleep*. Finally they got to Iqiutos where they went to a little museum where it talked about how Iquitos área was not found until 1638. Four popular languages now a days came to Iquitos in 1673 Spanish, Quechua, Portugeesse, and Dutch. Then they went to get dinner where Lily, and Mike both got inchicapi
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