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Facebook and Relationships.
Facebook is one of the most popular online social media website today. It allows us to connect anywhere and anytime with family, friends and love ones. In addition, people can find potential partners online. But why are many couples today are at a greater risk of breaking up when they sign up on Facebook? The New York Times had invited four people to debate this question “Has Facebook Ruined Love?” According to David Wygant who wrote “Put the Smartphone Down. Now”; he stated that social media prevents people from having a relationship in the real world. Wygant argues that people are more focused on what is happening on Facebook than around them and they can lost a great chance of meeting a potential partner. He suggested that if people want to have a relationship, they should put away their smartphones while they are outside or leave it at home.
On the other hand, Demetria Lucas, who used as a title “It’s a Gift and a Curse”, she discloses that Facebook can be the deal maker or deal breaker of a relationship. Lucas does not deny that Facebook is a very good tool to meet people and hopefully start a relationship. On the other hand, many partners who are friends on Facebook can have problems in their relationship that can even cause a break up. Studies revealed that twenty percent of divorces are caused by the use of Facebook. She emphasizes that Facebook is the best platform for cheating because it is easier to do behind a screen and also at the same time a cheating partner can be found out. The author claims that the use of social media is putting out the flames of love between couples.
In today’s fast paced world, this form of digital technology allows people to meet others on ...

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...privacy between two people which in any marriage vow is sacred. By posting, that we had a fight last night about something trivial or not, or one suspects the other is having an affair, give their friends reason to question or think how things are really going for the two of them.
In sum, Facebook is a great social media to connect with people all over the world. However, befriending with your partner on Facebook is not a good idea. Simply, because as Lucas points out the potential for relationship issues is easier to arise via this social media. Some of my peers in the class would object to my choice for the best argument because they feel that the author is based on her views toward Facebook and its implications with couples. However, I insist that the evidence and survey results does indeed show that Facebook is a catalyst for ruined relationships.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that facebook is one of the most popular online social media websites today. it allows us to connect anywhere and anytime with family, friends, and love ones.
  • Analyzes how demetria lucas argues that facebook is a good tool to meet people and start relationships, while many partners who are friends on facebook can have problems in their relationship.
  • Explains that facebook is playing a larger role for the younger generation in how their relationships are formed. the loss of privacy with over sharing cannot be overstated.
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