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According to Murphy, Mental health is defined as: “not simply to the absence of symptoms or problems but to the presence in a woman of well- being and growth and ability to solve problems in reality- based away”. A healthy individual has experienced increased self-esteem and self- supported, ability to receive and give love to people around, increased creativity, and independent. However, healthy women is different than healthy men. Healthy women are characterized by being submissive, less independent, more easily influenced, and less competitive.
Women have reported to acquire mental illness than men do. They are also at high risk to be depressive. For instance, 60-75% of women are experienced mental health issues in North America. In Britain, 12% of women are taking tranquilizers daily for a month or more.
Depression is one of most mental illness that women acquire. Women have reported that they easily impacted by changing life events. For example, when a spouse died, usually, a woman is experienced sadness and grief and being depressed for a long time. In some cases, some w...

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