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Throughout my educational career and field experiences, I have developed and established a certain body of beliefs about educating students through the teacher as a human developer philosophy. I believe that creating a safe, secure, and nurturing classroom can produce productive and successful citizens for the future. I believe in teaching using an approach that focuses on the student as a whole, not just one singular part of a student. In this teaching approach we focus on all aspects of the student's needs and life in terms of his or her education. This approach to teaching is based off of the Maria Montessori theory.

When a student enters my classroom, I will acknowledge them as a diverse individual and treat them as such. Each student has a different background of family, situations, friends, and communities that they are carrying around with them and bringing into the classroom. I must value these diverse factors, respect them, and help the students understand and deal with these various factors. Also, I must consider every students physical and emotional factors that can easily enhance or hinder a students learning capabilities. These factors must be addressed due to the theory of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, which states that students must have their basic needs in order to learn and develop successfully. Upon considering these multiple factors of the foundation of a student, I can then begin to shape and transform students into successful students and future citizens by approaching their educational needs using research-based learning theories and strategies.

As indicated above, I believe each student is dynamic and diverse. Each student has different sets of needs and a unique way that they will learn. The needs of a st...

... middle of paper ... a varied approach of diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments that teachers use to determine and gauge the effectiveness of their lessons and instruction. Teachers then can assist students who need additional help. Professionals such as teachers should always use quantitative and qualitative data as a base or foundation for making decisions on their lessons, strategies, and practices. Teachers also must always be open to change in order to better the learning of their students.

Teaching is not just a job, its a life choice where we can inspire students to change their lives. Where we as educators can make a difference in the world and make a change that is for the better. It is a job that is not easily carried nor easily done. Educators have the power to mold, create, and shape lives. We must use that power to benefit the future generations of the world.
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