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Americans are constantly exposed to the effects of media. The media influence has a major impact on the society we live in today. Through all the advances in technology, the American society has evolved a dependency on social media for their daily lives. The media portrays information and facts that then influence the opinions, values and beliefs of Americans. The media impacts the American way of life by shaping what is assumed. Looking through the lens of race, media shapes and guides our views and opinions on each type of race
. The media depicts race based on assumptions and stereotypes that society establishes. It is an on-going cycle looking at the understanding of how race is viewed simply because the media reinforces what society already believes about different types of race (Deetz 4). However, not all that the media displays about race is accurate. Media takes many of these assumptions and stereotypes and exaggerates them. For example, in Canberra Australia, the fast food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken’s commercial was complained racist for its derogatory theme against African Americans. The commercial portrayed the notion of the 19th and 20th century of African American’s eating and enjoying fried chicken. U.S radio announcer Ana Kasparian stated in disapproval, “They just can’t sit down unless you give them some…fried chicken” (Clark 2). This example shows how media took the assumption that every African American enjoys eating fried chicken and exaggerating that they cannot even sit down until they’re eating fried chicken. The media uses these assumptions from history and present day society itself to help generate how we view American’s of different races.
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