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Money makes the world go round. It influences most of the decisions we make throughout our day, like what brand items we buy, buying needs over wants, and especially the type of food we buy. Food is the main source of nutrition for most life on earth and while other animals hunt and scavenge for their food, humans must exchange earned money for their nutrition. Grocery stores have a wide range of products and many brands of each product. However there is a trend with the prices at grocery stores. Food that provides quality nutrition cost more than food that contains more fat and salt. According to an article Witten in “The American Prospects” called, Unhealthy Food is Cheap Food by Jamelle Bouie and an article in “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” called, The economics of obesity: dietary energy density and energy cost by Adam Drewnowski and Nicole Darmon; the reason for unhealthy eating in the price gaps between nutritional and less nutritional foods.
In Bouie piece he discusses the conveniences of fast food. He goes out and uncovers that a dollar can buy unhealthy food such as 7 packages of Ramen soup or a double cheese burger for McDonalds and can buy foods such as four grapefruits or ten organic blueberries (Brouie). Compared to each other the unhealthy choices are bigger in quality than the more nutritional choices. It is because of the convenience that fatty foods provide that people choose to eat unhealthy. Bouie states that, “When it comes to obesity and health -- especially among the lower-income -- you're not going to get anywhere by lecturing poor people about their eating habits” (Brouie). People do what works, so lower income families would rather get food that contains a lot of Tran’s fats and salt on the ...

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...althy, but people should try to stay away from eating fast food five time a week. Bouie states that fatty foods “needs to reflect its true cost” (Bouie). This means that people should be aware of the true effects and dangers to eating processed food in favor of an Organic or fresh food source. People should be able to see the “true cost” of eating unhealthy foods. Both Articles agree with each other (Bouie). They both understand that poor families will never stop eating the way they are until something is done about the price of healthier food.

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