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Finding an individual’s ultimate concern is the core of humans’ purpose to live. One’s entire life is spent either trying to question or identify this idea. The reason why people seek this ultimate concern, according to John Tillich, is because of “the unconditional demand by that which is one’s ultimate concern, but it is also the promise of ultimate fulfillment” (Tillich, “Dynamics of Faith”, 2). One’s ultimate concern provides the person will fulfillment, which therefore gives the person’s life meaning. Identifying an ultimate concern, helps the person to find what is most important to their life and existence. The steps and actions that are taken to reach the ultimate concern is what gives a life meaning. These two actions are closely linked together to form life’s journey in hope to make the individual completely content and fulfilled throughout life.
Like many things in life, humans question and are intrigued most with the questions that cannot be answered. Humans can step outside of themselves to ask questions and analyze their life. Part of this process is wondering why humans are here and what is the purpose of this all. Although people know there is a purpose for humans to be here, the exact purpose is unknown. Because of this, questioning the meaning of life will inevitably come up. In Absurd by Thomas Nagel, he says “once the fundamental doubt has begun, it cannot be laid to rest” (Nagel, 721). Once a person has thought about it once, it will continue to reoccur to the person. The act of questioning happens for two reasons; one being because it is the root of all existence and secondly because the thought is infinite. The combination of the immense power this has over one’s lives, combined with the inability to grasp...

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...mate concern.
Although I have figured out my meaning and ultimate concern, there is still room for much to change. I will change throughout the years as a person and so will the dynamics of these areas. However, the underline meaning will always remain the same. As I grow older and approach death quicker, I predict that I will become anxious and feel as if I am running out of time. But because my ultimate concern will never change, the meaning of my life will remain the same. These will serve as the anchor to my life, even as I continue to grow and mature. If I can look back upon my life and say that I am an all-around complete person with nothing missing, I will have lived a satisfied life. This is how I know this is my own meaning of what it means to live. My ultimate concern and meaning of my life makes me feel of importance, worth and of purpose here on Earth.

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