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His intercom buzzed ending the silence. Mr. Young? Yes, Stella? Your four'o clock is here. What should I tell them? Send them to the conference room and serve them some refreshments. I will be with them in 5 minutes. Thank you, Stella. Yes sir. Now Miss Davis I have a meeting to get to, he said. I will leave, Mr Young. No need, Miss Davis. I will finish my meeting in half an hour, 45 minutes tops and you and I can continue this conversation. Take the time to think if you are interested in my proposition and of what you want for your life. Do you agree? Yes, I would like that. Thank you. Don' t touch anything, he said walking through the door. And then, he was gone. I get up from my chair and walk to the window. I hug myself in search of comfort and look out the window. The view is breathtaking. It stopped snowing, and you can see all the way to .... from up here. I never though that today is the day I have to decide what to do with my life. I try to think logical about my situation. I have student loans, medical bills and my mom still needs special care. I am at the end of my rope, we sold everything of value to pay her medical bills. Her insurance did not cover all the costs for her liver transplant.My parents house was the first to go, the cars and last month I sold what little jewelry we had. All was left was my mom wedding ring, and the pearls I got as a graduation present four years ago. I was 27 years old and my life was a mess. But I was lucky, my mom was still alive. You won' t believe the stories you hear when you spend a lot of time in hospitals. My mom and I were living in a horrible apartment, in a bad part of town. Because I punched my former boss when he made a pass at me, I was unemployable. He made sure of tha... ... middle of paper ... ...and. I start to giggle. What is so funny, he says in a puzzled voice. You are funny, I respond. So do you have the condom or not? You don't have to do this, he says. You already have the job. Well, that is very good, but you don't get the job just yet. I hear him laughing and in two steps he is beside me. You want a test drive. You want me to prove to you how much I loved looking at your little dimpled ass. He presses himself to my ass and I feel his erection through his pants . He caresses my buttocks and the back of my legs. He splashed his hand on my stomach and he brings his wright hand at my collarbone. So you want me to give you an interview, miss Davis? Yes, I tell him breathless. And you better be good. I am always good Sophia. Mmm, Sophia. It’s the first time you said my name. It seems more appropriate don’t you think? Now, tell me Sophia what do I get if

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