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Since I don’t live in Montreal it’s hard to find anything interesting for leisure. However after walking 2 blocks I realize that in my neighborhood they’re various things a person can do that have consider leisure. As previously mention, leisure is a positive activity that I enjoy doing. Leisure can be challenging, intense but most importantly it’s unique. In the following paragraph I would highlight 2 different spots that has reasonable number of commercial opportunities and will not limit typical stereotype leisure activities. First off all, I live in a suburban area in Laval however there’s Laurentien Bridge that make it easy to travel from Montréal to Laval. At the end of that bridge there’s a Sikh temple that attract various ethnicities. Indian myths and religious stories are different from Western religious myths, not only in content but also in their orientation toward history. Images and photo’s are embody a myth one believe. Religion impacts people’s visual attention and it influence the way a person sees things. It also helps people to communicate and understand between different religious groups. The temple is a 71 feet long green establishment that opens doors for student visitors to experience the Hindu lifestyle. Before you entering the building its important to take of your shoes then wash your hand s and feet because you entering in a sacred place. Women and men have their hair covered up and women and men or separated from each other. Once enter in the Gurdwara room their no chairs so every one has to sit on the floor, which represent unity and equality. In addition to women a men separating there’s a room for visitors in which a student explained their culture. After their ceremony everyone gathers too gather a... ... middle of paper ... ...d be the language. Laval is consider a French suburbia city although most people do understand English they will refuse to speak in English therefore this can cause a tourist to not participate in Putting edge activities. In addition, a person with disabilities such as an individual that suffers from blind ness or handicap unfortunately my community doesn’t offer any sort of community leisure activities. To conclude, Laval is a French dominated city that seams to offers activities in French. Due to that affect certain leisure are discriminated upon people with disabilities; the only positive commercial leisure recreation that is offered near my neighborhood or the stereotype, which are parks and hotels. Works Cited Neulinger, J.(1981). The psychology of leisure. Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas Pieper,J. (2009). Leisure: The Basis Of Culture. Ignatius Press

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