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Acoustic at the Ryman represents all four albums from the Band of Horses. In 2006 Band of Horses released their debut album Everything all the Time featuring songs like The Funeral and Wicked Gil but recently they recorded at the Ryman in Nashville, Tennessee where ten songs were picked from the bands two night concert. The country background of the Ryman influenced the band tremendously as they decided to put down their electric guitars to record Acoustic at the Ryman. Ben Bridwell the bands lead singer looked relaxed and his vocals were phenomenal but the acoustic versions of certain previously recorded songs from the bands felt a bit lackluster. Throughout the performance Band of Horses’ has a very traditional folk vibe and especially during the song Marry Song. Which seems to keep the majority of its integrity from the original release. Band of Horses does a wonderful job at being more than just a studio band they find a way to make it fell as if you are still wearing ear buds or directly at the show through the Acoustic at the Ryman album. This is definitely a band that sounds the same if not better in acoustic form. Slow cruel hands of time and Delft Schrempf have these very soft sweet beats that just make a crowd just rock from side to side. The guitar in Slow Cruel Hands of Time and the simple note being played on the piano in Delft Schrempf are very soothing but they still feel connected unsure if that’s because the message or the rhythm chosen for both songs. Despite that the crowed is heard cheering at the end followed by Bridwell letting out a slightly country “thank yall.” It seemed a little bit teasing considering the location of the concert being in Nashville, Tennessee. Factory really gives off the felling th... ... middle of paper ... ...n Bridwell’s and defiantly not in their abilities to play beautiful instruments thanks to Ryan Monroe and Tyler Ramsey. When it comes down to it Acoustic at the Ryman will be successful despite my opposition to certain songs. This album has potential to excel because of things like loyal fans that will stick by this band and the vocal harmonies that make you take note, the songwriting just seems to connect with people no matter what the beat and instruments seem to be carried out on. These are things that make an album thrive or become a flop. These are the things that make this band different from others like Iron and Wine, The Shins, and My Morning Jacket. I felt that Acoustic at the Ryman was a very bold move because the band put together basically a top hits list and rerecorded them live in front of a couple hundred fans with unrivaled vocal synchronizations.
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