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In all of the 200,000 years humans have been on Earth, it is possible for a single mass of people to make an impact on the way we live our lives to this day. “There are causes worth dying for, but none worth killing for” (Quotes about Martyrdom 1). Those people who stand up for the good instead of laying back and watch the evil triumph, can be only one of the many causes why we live the way we do now. Martyrs, as these people are called, made a great impact on one of the world’s biggest religions, Christianity.
In certainty they are humans like you and I that would much rather die than to watch their faith trampled over by an idea they do not believe in (“Early Christian Martyrs” 2). A martyr affirms a border that leaves them out, leaves them to be chosen for being different, a target, just like Germans felt about Jews when they began exterminating them. The Christians became a huge population but not all in one place, they were scattered around all over the place (“Why did Christianity Succeed” 1). People around them who were not Christian began to suspect that they performed acts of anti-social events like incestuous sexual relations and cannibalism, judging them because they were different (“Why Did Christianity Succeed?” 2). For people around them, martyrs became like heroes, strong and willing to fight for others who denied their faith and were not willing to fight for their own faith (“Early Christian Martyrs” 1). They are well known among thousands and thousands of people. We do not have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people being killed, we only have few amounts of those who were willing to be martyred that is why they were admired and loved (“Why Did Christianity Succeed?” 4). “So in that sense, like any extre...

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...had been terribly hurt, Perpetua went and helped Felicitas instead of thinking about herself and her own wellbeing. Her actions shows Christians that in times of needs it is not always about yourself, it is about the people in need around you. Those who are weaker and more fragile need the help of others to keep them motivated and pursuing in what is right.
All in all, Christianity has been highly impacted on the works of these loyal martyrs. Their love and friendship with God drove them to seek what was right even when they had to put their lives at risk. “We found this man perverting our nation, forbidding us to pay taxes to the emperor; and saying that he himself is the Messiah, a king” (“Famous Trials” 13). Jesus was accused unjustly but still accepted His fate that God had for him. Martyrs taught Christians many things making it the religion that it is today.
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