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For my final project, I chose to learn more about my favorite director, Martin Scorsese. From as far as I can remember, Martin Scorsese’s films have always intrigued me like no others have. There are many reasons why I am drawn to his type of films and his style of directing. Martin Scorsese has directed films that support his ethnic background. He has revolutionized the motion picture industry with the films he has directed. Scorsese has a unique approach in directing his films. Lastly, Scorsese’s favorite actor to star in his films is Robert DeNiro, who is by far my favorite actor of all time. This topic holds much value to me because movies are an escape from reality that I enjoy. I do not believe many people realize how influential movies and all other media are. We already know that watching a movie is what people do to relax, when they are bored, its something to share with a friend or loved one, or when the movie just plain appeals to you or draws your interest. The main reason why this topic is so important to me is because one of my favorite things to do is just kick back, relax, and watch a great movie.
Almost all of Scorsese’s films relate to his Italian descent. They reflect his life and how things were growing up in New York City’s Little Italy neighborhood throughout the 1950s and 1960s. What I like about this is that he is staying true to himself and background. He does not forget where he came from and even exploits it for us the viewers, which was an immediate success because of the realism. He portrays early Italian American life like no other. He displayed a side of culture that many people had never been exposed to. I wish that I could create films relating to my childhood, the environment around me, and at the same time be successful. That is exactly what Martin Scorsese has done since he started directing.

Martin Scorsese built an empire of films that changed the way people view directing. Scorsese created a path for other new and experienced directors to explore their creativity. His first success was Mean Streets in 1973 about life in Little Italy, which was the first of many movies to come starring Robert DeNiro. In 1976, he directed a success with Taxi Driver, a graphic movie about a loner who learns he is disgusted with society and decides to do something about it. He ...

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... of all time. He is an incredible actor. No one catches my interest like DeNiro. Martin Scorsese highly contributed to his success. Without Martin Scorsese’s directing I do not believe Robert DeNiro would be who he is today. Choosing Robert DeNiro for movies like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and Casino was brilliant.

Martin Scorsese really is responsible for changing my expectations when I view a film. When I watch a movie familiar to his genre of film, I use his films to compare, which I don’t believe is right, but his films are classics to me. To me, newer films will never compare to the work of Scorsese because society and culture are different, many ideas have already been done, and they just don’t make movies like they used to. I realize that movies he made will always be my favorites and I will never hesitate when someone asks, “Who is your favorite

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they chose to learn more about their favorite director, martin scorsese, for their final project.
  • Analyzes how martin scorsese's films reflect his life and how things were growing up in new york city’s little italy neighborhood during the 1950s and 1960s.
  • Describes how martin scorsese created an empire of films that changed the way people view directing.
  • Opines that martin scorsese's techniques for directing are unique and creative. he does not focus on action or special effects to dazzle the viewer.
  • Opines that they love martin scorsese films because robert deniro is their favorite actor of all time.
  • Opines that martin scorsese is responsible for changing their expectations when they view a film.
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