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Mars One
Mars One is an organization and future mission with many goals. Mars One has plans to launch a one way trip to Mars in the year 2025. By sending out Mars One, scientists hope to achieve goals such as humans surviving on Mars, successful plant growth, and to find out more about the planet.
Mars One is a non-for-profit organization who runs mostly on donations to fund their missions (“About”). Mars One was founded in 2011, but was not well known until a few months after (“About”). The Mars One organization was founded by a select team, and the mission to send humans to Mars cannot be done without them. There are many goals that are hoped to be achieved, and will make a huge impact on history and society.
Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and is a seven mouth journey ( The reason the planet Mars is red is because the surface is covered with minerals that make it look like the rusty color earth sees ( Mars has a very thin and cold atmosphere which should mean that water cannot exist, but water and ice were discovered on the planet ( Mars also has a much colder climate than earth which is why when people are on Mars, so they must wear mars suits while there ( Out of all eight planets in our solar system, Mars is the most suitable for humans to live on other than earth.
Mars is like Earth in many ways, but it is also different. Mars has water and ice which is why scientists believe plants can eventually be grown on Mars ( Once the plants are grown, oxygen can be formed and strengthen the atmosphere ( When the atmosphere is thickened then the planet will be livable by humans ( Scientists’ ultimate goal is to have human life on Mars which can be...

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...ost of what scientists know and need to know about the conditions of Mars is know from the Skylab, Mir and the International Space Station. Photovoltaic panels will power the living units on Mars. There are limitations to this mission because of the cost budget.
One problem that might occur later in the mission is how the astronauts on mars will get the necessary resources they need to survive. Because there is no way to tell if the water on mars is able to be consumed, Earth must send ample amounts of water sent to Mars (“Technical Feasibility”). The astronauts also have to be cautious of the high amount of radiation on Mars (“Technical Feasibility”).
Mars One plans to do great things in history and make great accomplishments for our nation. The mission hopes to accomplish a permanent living facility on Mars and to have successful plant growth on the red planet.
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