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Custom software development Customers The potential customers for this product can be from various areas: publishing, software (ISV), manufacturing, pharmacology, financial services, marketing and advertising, government, education, nonprofit and others. These customers look for end to end software development services which includes strategic technology consulting and development all the way through to launch, production support and marketing. In other words, the approach required for a customer software development company catering to these customers should be: • Market Research • Gathering required information • Requirement analysis • Planning and Resource Allocation • Development • Quality Assurance • Implementation • Maintenance and error handling Market Research & Strategies Being a late entrant in this market, Net Serpents can leverage the knowledge of what worked for their competitors. Following are some of the factors which affect relationships with customers, and the freelancers:- 1. Factors considered by companies who want to outsource software development work: ● Recognition (quality of service) ● Efficiency in deadlines (producing application within specified deadline) ● Processing time ● Flexibility (One stop destination for all different services VARs that supply training, hardware and support services will usually get first crack at any custom software requirements from their client(s) ● Public opinion/reviews ● Technical expertise and team (are developers capable and proficient in using latest tech) 2. Ways by which clients find a prospective company to outsource: ● Trade shows ● Conferences ● Websites ● Online communities ● Ads on newspaper (specially small start-ups) ● Radio ads ● Through salesperson... ... middle of paper ... ...early adopters and focus completely on them in the initial months. I would do a matrix analysis of the various markets and needed attributes and how your product fits them. 10. What are the less expensive and efficient ways for start-ups to market their products? (Post on websites? participating trade shows?) ● Websites, targeted journals or web-journals, key editors, thought-leaders, and some selected targeted trade shows may be best. 11. How frequently should a start-up advertise? ● It depends on the product. Consumer based products are more apt to have a good deal of money targeted for pure advertising. Your market research about your target customers will tell you a lot about how to reach your audience and how often. What have others who are successful done it and when will help. 12. How to attract freelancers? ● Offer rewards financial and non-financial.

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