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Mark Twain
Mark Twain was born November 30, 1835 in Florida Missouri, child of John Marshall and Jane Lampton. He had 6 other siblings but only 3 of them survived. When Mark was 4 he moved withhis family moved to Hannibal Missouri. Eight years later he became a printer’s apprentice when he was 12 years old. Just after the fifth grade in 1847 he began working as typesetter and a contributor. He also did humorous sketches for the Hannibal Journal. Missouri was a very new state to the country and was also a slave state. Mark’s father owned a slave and his uncle owned many. When he was younger he spent many boyhood summers playing in the slave quarters‚ listening to tall tales and the slave spirituals that he enjoyed listening to.
When Mark was about 18 years old he moved east to New York City and Philadelphia and worked for many different newspapers and there he had success with writing articles. In 1857 he returned back to Missouri in St. Louis for a printing job. While living in St. Louis he became a riverboat pilot's apprentice, he got his license and became a river pilot in 1858. Being a river pilot he got the name Mark Twain his birth name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens the name Mark Twain means that is safe to navigate. When the Civil War ended his pilot career ended.
After his pilot career he joined a volunteer Confederate unit named the Marion Rangers, and only two weeks late he quit that job. Later while looking for a new career he traveled west in 1861 to Nevada. In Nevada he became a silver prospector but did not enjoy it. During his journey between Missouri and Nevada he ran into some Native American tribes, had some disappointments and good experiences. So those events with all the traveling he thought of writing some sho...

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... King Arthur's Court” wrote in 1889 both about different things but also about the gaining in technology. And then his most famous work “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” wrote in 1884. He also attacked the institution of slavery, railed against the failures of reconstruction and continued poor treatment of african americans.
In 1896 Marks daughter Susy died at the age 24 and was not able to return to the house after her death. Soon after Mark and the rest of his family traveled the world from 1891-1900 during that time he witnessed the increasing of the weaker governments by European powers that he described in his next book “Following the Equator” wrote in 1897.

In the later years of Marks life his writing turned dark. His writings were focused on human greed‚ cruelty and questioned the humanity of the human race. On April 21, 1910 Sam Clemens died at the age 74.
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