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In the world of computer and network security, there are myriad ways to launch an attack, which, from the perspective of a network, can usually be defined as "traffic that has vicious intent." There are infinite computer attacks that no firewall can prevent, such as those executed locally on the machine by a malicious user. From the network's perspective, there are numerous types of attack. Attacks can be grouped into two types: brute force and precision. Juniper Firewall has the capability to protect against both types of attack. Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are one of the most well-known network security threats under brute force attacks, which is largely due to the high-profile way in which they can affect networks. Over the years, some of the largest, most respected Internet sites have been effectively taken offline by DoS attacks. A DoS attack typically has a singular focus, namely, to cause the services running on a particular host or network to become unavailable. Some DoS attacks exploit vulnerabilities in an operating system and cause it to crash, such as the infamous Winnuke attack. Others submerge a network or device with traffic so that there are no more resources to handle legitimate traffic.Precision attacks typically involve multiple phases and often involves a bit more thought than brute force attacks, all the way from reconnaissance to machine ownership. Before a precision attack is launched, information about the victim needs to be gathered. This information gathering typically takes the form of various types of scans to determine available hosts, networks, and ports. The hosts available on a network can be determined by ping sweeps. The available ports on a machine can be lo...

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... he needs to authenticate himself in order to enter the system. The best and secure method to do this is the THUMB IMPRESSION technique, server side there exists a database which consists of all thumb impressions, name, photo and Company ID of the employees or the users working in an Enterprise Network. When the user places his/her thumb on the machine then it reaches the server and checks for all the thumb impressions and the associated names of the employees working in the company . If the thumb impression given by the user matches with the set of thumb impressions present in the server end then it returns a tab which consists of username and password options which the user needs to enter and once it was entered correctly then the user gets access to the system on the server. Thumb impression is cost effective and can be implemented easily with less investment .

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that attacks can be grouped into two types: brute force and precision. juniper firewall can protect against both types of attacks.
  • Explains how juniper firewall handles attack traffic on a per-flow basis.
  • Explains that malicious attacks have been increased due to the expansion in the field of computer networks.
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