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Production systems in factory- ***
Organization of people, equipments, machines and procedures is defined as production system.

Following are the categories of production system.
1. Facilities - The factory, the source of an energy required for production such as electricity, air, steam etc, the equipments in the factory and their arrangements, placements or formations, all together can be defined as facilities.
2. Manufacturing support systems – For efficient production in factory requires facilities as described above. However, to organize production, to arrange material movement inside and outside, to fix technical and logistical issues, to ensure quality standards, a specific set of procedures and systems is must. Manufacturing support system fulfills this requirement.

The Facilities
We have seen the brief definition of facilities above in regard with industrial production. The plant layout is also a part of facility. The logical grouping and physical arrangements of equipments and machine is an aforethought activity in plant layout. These facilities and people who use it are pertained as manufacturing systems in the factory.
Manufacturing systems has generally three classes.

Manual system – In this manufacturing system no ‘powered machines’ are used. Entire task is done by worker by using some kind of hand tools which can be utilized by skill and strength of human. For example, inspection of parts by using measuring equipment, moving the material by using manually pushed/pulled trolleys from place to place, Manual assembly of two parts by using screws and hand tools such as spanners, keys etc.
Human-machine system – This is s type of manufacturing system in which the complimented usage of a human worker and powe...

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... efforts in all functions like business, design, manufacturing planning and control. The term CIM (Computer integrated manufacturing) expresses the dominant use of computers in modern factories. The term CIM often suggests the integration of all manufacturing support systems on one common platform in manufacturing organization.
The terms, CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) are the arms of CIM.
CAD is tool or system which is used in product design function of manufacturing support system where as CAM indicates the usage of computers in manufacturing planning and control functions that are process planning and part machining programming etc.
Business function, product design, manufacturing planning and control are the primary functions that constitute various activities of production however they do not physically ‘touch’ the product.
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