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This essay is about Management and its philosophies. Management philosophies express peoples opinions about the best practices of management as it is greatly differed from one managing professional to another. Having or practicing a certain managing philosophy can be a good way to train your potential employees or subordinates and teach them your way of work ethics. So what is a Management philosophy? It is nothing but a set of beliefs as used by an individual who is in a management spot to guide the decision making process of the team. There are many types of management theories that have come to light over the years. In my opinion management philosophy is that where a good manger thrives on his/her employee’s feedbacks or primarily focuses on strategy implementation to get the best out for the company or the organization. Below we will talk about and discus about a few management philosophies and try to compare them. Carrot or Stick? To be a better boss, use a carrot or a stick? One of Wall Streets Journals featured recommendations from various management experts on their views on how to be a better boss in the new year, and one of them suggested the way to go was wielding a little more stick and a little less carrot. This view of the so called ‘carrot & stick’ approach was built in the philosophies of the age and we still find them in the old and specially the traditional sectors of management in industries. We will now try to understand what really does the carrot and the stick in this case suggest. One management theory relating to the carrot states that managers should use the carrot which means that managers looking for optimum output fro... ... middle of paper ... motivations are very complex and no single technique or way of management can cover each and every situation a company might have to face in its years of development. As for a person in a higher position it gets really difficult depending on the mind set and nature of thinking of employees because employees always wish for managers to be a little more understanding but people have been noticed to nexus the idea of understand with nice and so sometimes a little well directed pain to get work done is not a bad thing after all. According to another theory X and theory Y, where X being the kind of people that always need a little carrot and stick to be driven ahead where as Y being the sort of people who are already success driven and motivated to do well and want achievement and want to take on responsibility in their hands and will deliver be there a carrot or not.
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