man and superman

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Man and Superman
An essay “Man and Superman: In athletic competitions, what qualifies as a sporting chance?” by Malcolm Gladwell is attempted to answer an issue “Do genetic advantages make sports unfair?” The essay contains two arguments: human biological diversity makes sports unfair, and, consequently, as human attempts to equalise all the players as considered a moral obligation, the sports industry has no problem with athletes’ self-transformation while doping athletes is prohibited which, in his opinion, they should be justified just like those self-transformations. Gladwell also criticises the sports industry who is actually a culprit of this fairness, they try to level the playing by measuring that no one has an advantage over others but the consequence is a catalyst of science intervention.
Malcolm Gladwell is a journalist writing for The New Yorker; he often deals with popular modern life theories and ethical issues. The essay was published in The New Yorker magazine, September 2013, so the issue of the essay is an ongoing and controversial incongruity ethical dilemma among sports industry. The magazine is nationwide read especially in the U.S. metropolitans. The contents are mostly about American literary and cultural landscape, reportage, and including short stories. The target audience of the magazine is originally educated to elite readers, also the essay intended audience would not be much different from the magazine’s, specifically, the sports circles and sports spectators among middle to upper-class people.
He does well in writing an effective essay that he use facts and research in supporting his argument from the opening to ending. The word choices are also emphasise the genetic roles in the essay as he sees ...

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...tion because of his side-taking that attempts to justify this actions.
I am quite convinced by the essay that the sports is unfairness because of the human biological diversity, but in the other way round I see many issues in levelling the playing field, the attempts of transformation and doping, which are ethical overlap in practice that they are both artificial improvement causing bad effects to human, instead of justify these bionic men why we won’t count them all as prohibited since the nature gives disparate conditions to each; or as legal actions since the purpose of surgery is hard to prove and doping is what every athlete does even the elite athlete, Mäntyranta was arrested in allegation of use of amphetamine and hormone. Naturally, there is neither justice nor equality in competition; the goal we try to reach is an artificial justice and equality we ruled.
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