mall massacre

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The year of 2006 was at the beginning of a new tragedy in southern Somalia. A militant group by the name of Al-Shabaab had taken over by storm, the group was defeated by the forces of Somalia and the help of Ethiopians the group of Al Shabaab has still continued with their violence through southern and central Somalia. They operate by forcing and taking over territory with violence, they grow by recruiting. Al Shabaab uses a lot of guerilla war fares and terrorist tactics to go against the Somalian government, African Union Mission in Africa, peacemakers, and nongovernmental aid organization. But by the government continuing to pressure the terrorist, they have been declining and that has also caused the leaders of the groups to fight amongst themselves. Because of this fighting Al Shabaab was not fully concentrated in its agendas or goals and they had leader members from different clans, but they were all interested in destroying SFG and going against the global jihad. The leaders of Al Shabaab were mostly ex-soldiers who fought or were trained in Afghanistan. They then joined Al Qa...
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